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Sea Kayak Rentals, Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals, and Recreational Kayak Rentals in the San Juan Islands

Do you seek the independence of paddling a sea kayak on an unguided rental in the San Juan Islands, or surrounding areas? Are you confident that you can handle yourself kayaking out on the sea?

Or maybe you just want to enjoy a relaxing day on a stand up paddleboard or recreational kayak in more protected waters?

If so, then renting kayaks from Blue Otter Outfitters is a great choice for you!


Hourly rentals pick-ups and returns locations:

Sea Kayak equipment ONLY pick-up / drop-off: :

2009 Skyline Way

Stand Up Paddleboard / Recreational Kayak Facility ONLY:

4399 Bowman Bay Road (boat launch)

Please call our office to make sure we are open. *Weather will sometimers alter hours if raining, foggy, or windy.

Please note: Cranberry Lake in Deception Pass State Park has storm damage. We will be closed at this location for the foreseeable future. We are awaiting the state bureaucracy to repair the damages.

No need to load the kayaks and drive on the freeway!

Great reasons to rent kayaks or stand up paddleboards from Blue Otter Outfitters

Our convenient location in Anacortes allows you to depart directly into the San Juan Islands without having to take a ferry, or you can load the kayaks or paddleboards onto your vehicle and begin your trip from any of the ferry-served locations in the San Juan Islands. (Be aware that not all vehicles are suitable for car-topping a sea kayak.)

Regardless of your experience, you can enjoy a great day on the water.

Stand Up Paddle Boards & Recreational Sit-On-Top Kayaks

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No Experience is Necessary
Almost anyone can enjoy themselves on a stand-up paddleboard without having any previous experience. If you have reasonable balance and moderate fitness then you should have a great time. Our recreational sit-on-top kayaks are incredibly stable and fun. These hourly rentals are in more protected waters which increases your comfort and enjoyment, or take a paddleboard away with you to explore the lakes or shorelines of your choice!

Please note: A float plan will be needed to take a Sit-on-Top, or Stand Up Paddle Board away from our Bowman Bay location.

Renting Sea Kayaks

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Experience is Necessary
If you are an experienced paddler who is capable of handling a sea kayak in variable conditions then this may be an option that you can enjoy. This is not a good choice for an inexperienced person. You need to be comfortable in your ability to manage your rental kayak, and in your ability to be a competent member of your group. If you encounter the strong tidal currents or localized weather conditions that are frequently present in the San Juan Islands, or if anything unexpected happens, then you must be prepared to deal with the situation. The ability to perform assisted rescues and self-rescues in the event of a capsize is a fundamental skill that everyone should possess before attempting an unguided kayak trip on the sea. In order to use our equipement you must file a float plan and a rental agreement.

You should also be comfortable with finding your way around the San Juan Islands, either from prior knowledge, or through the ability to read a chart and compass. There are local hazards that you should be familiar with if you are going without the assistance of a more experienced leader. While kayakers in the San Juan Islands enjoy mild conditions on many days during the summer season, it is still a very dynamic environment and there can be significant consequences for the under-prepared. Blue Otter Outfitters cannot control the weather and is not responsible for loss of property, injury, or death, while you undertake this activity.

By renting from us you are acknowledging that you and the other members of your group are competent enough to engage in this activity.


For your safety, Blue Otter Outfitters requires that participants submit a Float Plan prior to receiving your equipment.

Blue Otter Outfitters requires that participants sign a Release Form and Rental Agreement prior to participation.

For less experienced paddlers we highly recommend one of Anacortes Kayak Tours award-winning guided trips.