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Our Rental Packages

Single Kayaks

We have an assortment of single kayak models that we rent out. Although we can not make promises about which kayak color we can provide for you on a given day, our kayak brand is Delta Kayaks (thermoform). All of the single kayaks are at least 16 feet long, have watertight bulkheads for stowing gear, rudders, safety deck-lines, and comfortable seats.

Single Kayak

Tandem Kayaks

Our tandem boats are made Northwest Kayaks (fiberglass). They are 18.5 feet long, and have watertight bulkheads and rudders. They have enough carrying capacity to be useful for 3-5 day outings, and are an extremely popular kayak among tour companies due to their comfort and performance for beginner paddlers. If you want a fun tandem kayak to rent for a day trip, or an overnight adventure then this is a great choice!

Tandem Kayak

Sea Kayak Rental Rates

Single day
Single Sea Kayak $119
Tandem Kayak $139

Sea Kayak Rental Pick-Up / Drop-Off Times

Rentals can be picked up as early as 8:00am, and must be returned to our facility no later than 5:00pm on the final day of your rental term to avoid an additional day’s charge.

All sea kayak rentals include:

Blue Otter Outfitters recommends that you consider bringing additional safety gear including (but not limited to):

We feel that immersion wear, such as a drysuit or a wetsuit, is a very good idea. If you capsize the cold water may complicate your rescue attempts. We can rent you a wetsuit if you do not already have one.


Please remember that an independent kayak rental is not suitable for everyone. You need to have a working knowledge of how to manage the kayaks (including self rescue and assisted rescue) and how to deal with weather, boat traffic, and variable tidal conditions. By renting from us you are acknowledging that you and the other members of your group are competent enough to engage in this activity. If you are unsure, then we recommend joining a tour with Anacortes Kayak Tours and letting a knowledgeable guide plan a fun experience for you.

Blue Otter Outfitters requires that participants sign a Release Form and Rental Agreement prior to participation.